Shantivan is a lake view picnic spot, started in the 90’s is located at the back water of Khadakwasla Dam, just 25 kms away from the City making it a 45 mins drive only.

With the 21st century constantly keeping oneselfon toes & running haywire, we do pause, but we breathe in the same polluted air. Think of the times when you wanted to lie down a lawn gazing at the sky, hear the birds chirping in the woods, fill in the lungs with fresh oxygen, see the crisp blue water of dam just moving at a gentle pace or a crane caching hold of fish from water. And when you do all this, you get the feeling of that little thing you missed.. That little thing we call as “Happiness.”

So, we would be delighted to serve you and have you with us when you enjoy those little moments of life with your family, friends & colleagues. We at Shantivan offer you with that hospitality services that you will experience the same on your every visit. A total stress buster place located amidst the nature where you get the feeling of interacting with the nature.

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